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This page contains links to our math media of the day (motd). A math media of the day can be any math related media (video, picture, animation, applet, article, etc.), that a channel member considered interesting or entertaining. You may also post your own media suggestions as a comment to this page.  Aside from the actual media link an entry on this page might contain a short description of or comments on the media as well.

Current Media of the Day

2018-03-27 by Kmhkmh
Numberphile interviews Terry Tao

2017-08-25 by fatherpi
Ancient Tablets

2017-03-14 by kmh
All about Pie

2016-12-26 by kmh
Math is ok

2016-06-19 by kmh
Popularity Of Math

2016-04-05 by kmh
Of Chessboards and Patterns

2016-02-05 by kmh
Calculus Rhapsody

2016-01-09 by kmh
Limericks & More

2015-12-18 by kmh
Prof Talk

2015-08-25 by Hafydd
Making a Difference?

2015-04-12 by kororaa
Fold Yourself an Ellipse

2015-03-09 by karlo
Fractals On The Beach

2015-02-15 by kmh
Fractal Considerations

2014-12-26 by kmh

2014-12-9 by kmh
Spirographs now and then

2014-12-4 by kmh
Better order them soon

2014-3-14 by kmh
In Honour of the Channel’s Father

2014-3-3 by Moonies
Math goes Movies

2014-2-17 by ZShurp
The Math Site of Fetishes

2014-2-13 by kmh
Dark Knight Math

2014-2-7 by HisShadow
Homework Gone Bad

2014-1-30 by karlo
Warning Label for Lottery Tickets

2014-1-17 by karlo
Free Wifi for Mathematicians

2013-12-17 by kmh
The Top Ten List of Dirty Mathematics

2013-11-5 by kmh
Math and Beer

2013-8-14 by kmh
Bowling with Escher

2013-5-1 by karlo
Ezt meg hogy?

2013-3-22 by kmh
Slightly delayed -The Anti-Pi Song

2013-3-10 by kmh
The Gauss Christmath Special

2013-3-6 by kmh
Circle in chains

2013-3-2 by kmh
Differentiation is futile!

2013-2-9 by kororaa
Fourier series

2013-1-5 by kmh
Yet another xkcd

2012-12-16 by douglasfir
When math illiteracy will cost you real money…

2012-12-13 by kmh
Möbius Transformations

2012-12-7 by kmh
Know your limits!

2012-11-29 by kororaa
Have a Heart!

2012-11-15 by cyby
Factorization Illustration

2012-11-4 by kmh
Bar Math

2012-10-5 by kmh
Add’em up for good!

2012-8-14 by karlo
M. C. Escher

2012-5-5 by kmh
Monty Hall goes Hollywood

2012-4-29 by karlo
Pi All The Way

2012-4-4 by yourshadow
Mathematics of Love

2011-12-24 by kmh
Simon Singh’s Numbers: Five Numbers

2011-8-17 by kmh
It’s About Time

2011-1-5 by infradead
Harvey Is Everywhere

2010-6-24 by kmh

Finite Simple Group of Order Two

2010-6-15 by kmh

Mathematical Pi (song)

2010-4-12 by kmh

Currency Math by Tom Lehrer

2010-3-25 by kmh

The Story of Pi – told by Tom M. Apostol

2010-3-10 by kmh

Math in Art

2010-2-16 by kmh

Number Talk

2010-2-13 by kmh

Kettle Math (Original) and Kettle Math (Remake)


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  1. […] useful math resources and the blogs of rather well known mathematicians. There is also our (math) video of the day (VOTD), which might contain any video material related to mathematics. It may range from short […]

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