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Math Links

Online Enyclopedias & References

Wikipedia – Math Portal (probably the biggest online math encyclopedia already)
Mathworld (Eric Weissenstein at al’s Encyclopedia sponsored by Wolfram)
Springer`s Encyclopedia of Mathematics
MacTutor-History of Mathematics
Integer Sequences Database
ETC – Encyclopedia of Triangle Centers
Plouffe’s Inverter
The Wolfram Functions Site (database for functions and formulas)
Functions and Curves Database
The Matrix Reference Manual
EqWorld – The World of Mathematical Equations
Physics and Mathematics for Young Learners – Reference/Dictionary
Platonic Realms (Math Encyclopedia & Mathe Quotes Database)
Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
Mathwords (accessible/easy to understand desriptions of mathematical terms)
The Sci.Math FAQ
MathSearch (Documents, Articles, Publications)
The European MathematicalInformation Service
arXiv.org (free papers, eprints, preprints)
Mathematics Genealogy Project

Online Tools

Calc 101 – Mathematica Functionality Online
Mathematica online (German)
The Wolfram Integrator (Online Integrals and Antiderivatives with Mathematica)
GCalc (Java Mathematical Graphing System)
Computer Algebra Online (SAGE, GAP, PARI, KASH, Maxima, Singular)
3d Function Plotter
QuickMath (Mathematica functionalities online)
Dario Alpern´s calculators (factorization, discrete log and much more)
MathBin.net (upload of math formulas based on Tex)
MathB.in (upload of math formulas based on Tex)
ImageShack (upload for pictures/graphics)

Portals & Tutorials & free Books & Lecture Notes

Math Forum Drexel (including Dr. Math)
@nrich(problems,games,articles,,forum for questions/answers)
Theorem of the Day
Matroids Matheplanet (excellent German math forum)
Problem Corner (math problem database)
Cut-the-Knot (Interactive Mathe, Puzzles & More )
Website of #math on the efnet (our sister channel)

PurpleMath-Algebra (Tutorials, Links, Infos & Help)
SOS-Math (tutorials for undergraduates and highschool students)
Tutorials for Calculus and Finite Mathematics
MIT OpenCourseWare – Mathematics
Karl’s Calculus Tutorial
Interactive Real Analysis
Visual Calculus
WIMS – Intercative Mathematics on the Internet
VIAS – Virtual Institute of Applied Sciences (free ebooks for statistics and geometry)
Connexions (collection of free scholary material – various math topics as well)

FreeMath – a wiki listing free math books and providing reviews
Free Textbooks in Mathematics (great and extensive collection of free math books by Alex Stef)
2020ok – directory for free math books
Historical Math Monographs (Cornell University Library)
Math Monographs (GDZ – Uni Göttingen)


Maxima (a complete CAS)
GeoGebra (Geometry & Algebra, ruler and compass constructions)
GeoNeXT(Geometry, ruler & compass constructions)
Octave (Numercial Computations)
GAP – (Groups,Algorithms, Programming – computational discrete Algebra)
GCalc (Java Mathematical Graphing System)
SAGE (combining the functionalities of various math software such as Maxima, GAP, PARI/GP, Singular)
PARI/GP (fast computations in number theory)
Scilab (graphics, visualization, numerical math)
Microsoft Mathematics

for a fee:
Maple (CAS)
MuPad (CAS)
Mathematica (CAS)
MathCad (CAS, desktop publishing)
MATLAB (numerical math)
Cabri Geometry II and Cabri 3D
Euklid – DynaGeo
Cinderella – dynamical geomtry software that allows non euclidean geometries

Computer Algebra Material

A short Maple Introduction
Mathematical Problem Solving with Computers (Maple)
Indiana University – Maple (tutorial and web resources)
Mathematica Documentation (online version of Wolfram’s book)
Mathematica Intro


Up for a challenge or how to become a millionaire …
The Erdös Number Project
Euclid’s Elements
Pascal’s Triangle – from Top to Bottom
The Prime Pages
Dr Vogel’s gallery of calculus pathologies
The Geometry Junkyard
MathPages (articles & problems on various math fields)
Tim’s Triangular Page

Flatland (a classic mathematical novel) – version with illustrations or without illustrations
Math Humour (Tanya Khovanova’s collection)
The Story of little Polly Nomial (a classic) – version 1 version 2
The Klein Four Group : Simple Finite Group (of order 2) as mp3 or WMV
Lobachevsky Song by Tom Lehrer
Tom Lehrer on derivatives, deltas & epsilons, math professors, sociology and mathematics in general

Teaching & Didactics

TIMSS – Trends in International Math and Science Study
PISA – Program for International Student Assessment
Mathematikum (Germany’s first math museum)
Dave’s short Trigonometry Course
Math AppletCollection
Mathematical Material for Tomorrow’s Teachers
Kangaroo (math competition problems for highschool students of all ages)



  1. Karl’s Tutor Website is not working anymore. Another site is http://www.emathhelp.net

    Comment by Paul — May 11, 2016 @ 10:10 am

    • thanks for info

      Comment by undernetmath — September 5, 2016 @ 10:53 pm

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