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Some general information

This is the website of the math channel (#math) of the Undernet. Channel is the technical term for a chat room in IRC and the Undernet is one of the major IRC networks. The channel serves as a live forum for the discussion of all sorts of math or math related topics, it explicitly welcomes people of all ages and backgrounds who have an personal interest in math or seek advice on a math related topic. Regular chatters range from highschool students to postdocs and even the occasional math professor and they come from regions all over the globe. This results in a rather diverse crowd discussing a potentially wide range of math topics and doing so basically 24 hours a day.

In particular around 2001-2005 many old regulars of the channel have supported and contributed to PlanetMath, a Wikipedia like math encyclopedia that has grown into one of the largest (online) math encyclopedias available today.

Please note that this site is not a blog in the traditional sense, its main purpose is to serve as home and web presence of the undernet’s math channel, which is considered to be the real deal. So if you want to discuss math, you are strongly encouraged to join the channel itself for a live discussion rather than having a blog style discussion on this site. However you are welcome to post solutions or suggestions for the problem of the day here or other things you consider of potential interest. An admin might pick them up and publish them on one of the websites attached to this blog. If you have written a paper, article or essay on math topic, you are welcome to post them here as well. Note however that the decision to publish it here is at the discretion of the admins, who maintain this site in their spare time and whose math knowledge is not without limits. In short that means highly specialized and fairly abstracts papers are unlikely to get published, as an audience you should have undergraduates, highschool students or the general public in mind.

A statistical evaluation of the channel and its activity can be hound here:Channel Stats

How to post/comment/participate/contact us

  1. Join us on IRC, that is on #math on the undernet. If you are not familiar with IRC yet, you can find some help here: http://www.undernet.org/ . In particular if your browser supports java applets you can join us directly with http://www.undernet.org/webchat/ , just enter “math” int the “Your Favourite Channel”-field and hit connect.
  2. Leave a comment on any of the pages attached to this blog (they have comment box at the bottom). If you want to send a document (like pdf) or an image upload it somewhere on the web and simply enter the URL in the comment box.
  3. Use our public account (id: unternetmathblog, password: archimedes) to write a posting. This allows you to use a more comfortable editor (including the possibility to use images and Latex) in your text. make sure that after logging on you select the undernetmath dashboard and not the undernetmathblog dashboard for your posting. However if you want to upload pictures you have to use the undernetmathblog dashboard for that and then use the url for that file in your posting on the undernetmath dashboard. For special mathematical notations you can use latex with the following tag $Latex-your latex code-$, but make sure that there is at least one space character after Latex.

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